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NEW CUSTOM 12 Volt AC/DC BRIGHT LED Light System For Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds

NEW CUSTOM 12 Volt AC/DC BRIGHT LED Light System For Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds
NEW CUSTOM 12 Volt AC/DC BRIGHT LED Light System For Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds
NEW CUSTOM 12 Volt AC/DC BRIGHT LED Light System For Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds

NEW CUSTOM 12 Volt AC/DC BRIGHT LED Light System For Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds

COMPLETE DIRECT DRIVE 12 Volt AC Lighting System For Motorized Bicycle This is a special 12 VOLT DIRECT DRIVE LED Lighting System designed to be powered directly from our 12 VOLT MINI-GENERATOR Now you can get the ultimate lighting system for your 2 cycle motorized bicycle by getting this newly upgraded LED Lighting system designed for 12 volts A/C lighting. It also works with 12 Volts DC (battery) power. This lighting system is a very efficient 12 Volt lighting system because it uses an LED headlight which is brighter than a 10 Watt halogen bulb while using a lot less power; and an LED tail light which draws very little current. A Mini-Charger and Battery pack are not included but can be added later if you wish. The 12 volt headlight for this system uses only about half the power required for a 10 watt halogen bulb, but shines brighter.

The headlight uses two high power white LED bulbs which are a cool white or daylight type color. Both headlight and tail light together use only about half the energy of a 10 watt halogen bulb. 12V Direct LED light set Included in the 12 Volt Complete Direct LED Lighting System are: A Mini-Generator Max for 12 Volt Lighting A Special Weather Resistant Light Switch A Sealed 12 Volt LED Headlight with two high powered LED bulbs Heavy duty tail light with energy efficient LED bulb. Wire connectors between Mini-Gen, Light Switch, Headlight and Tail Light.

Mini-Generator MAX This Mini-Gen Max is easily installed and includes all installation tips and instructions. This will produce over 12 volts AC at about 1300 RPM or driving speeds of about 15 to 20 MPH. Volts can reach up to more than 18 volts during high speeds and over 1000 milliamps.

The headlight and tail light are driven directly from this 12 Volt Mini-Generator AC volts. The Mini-Charger and Battery pack are not included, but can be added later if desired. Mini-Generator MAX This Lighting System is also available with "Pull Starter type" Mini-Gen Max for persons with a 2 cycle pull start engine (can be a substitute if requested). The Pull Start Mini-Gen Max is specially designed and shaped to fit within the space below the pull-starter cogwheel. Just remove the engine magneto cover, then remove the pull starter cogwheel and use the 2 rear screws to attach Mini-Generator inside engine magneto case.

Remove wire grommet at the front (white plastic or black rubber) then insert Mini-Gen wire into grommet. Use a pick or small screwdriver or nail to push into the area where wire will fit, then insert wire. This "pull start" type Mini-Gen Max can be included instead of the regular Mini-Gen Max but only on request! 12 Volt AC LED Headlight This 12 Volt LED Headlight consist of two high power LED bulbs and will shine quite brilliantly with a coolwhite light.

This is a custom made headlight made from polyvinyl chloride material with a bubble type acrylic glass. The bubble glass allows you to be easily seen by drivers approaching from side streets. Light can be grounded directly onto handlebar or grounded separately with a 18 long ground wire (not included) connected to bike's front fork crown. This 2.25 diameter custom made headlight can be mounted in upright position or hung below handle bar if desired. Weather Resistant Light switch should be mounted near handle bar near grips (preferred) or any where you wish. 12 volt tail light The tail light for this Lighting System will be a heavy duty beehive type light of approx. This light can easily be attached to rear frame as seen in photo. The single wire tail light will be grounded to frame and connected to positive feed from light switch. The Heavy Duty Tail Light will include an energy efficient 12 volt LED bulb which is long lasting, and is red in color. In the unlikely event of a broken lens, the red LED bulb will still provide a red light. Attach tail light, then route tail light wire neatly along bike frame. By using strips of duct tape along the insides of bike frame a very neat arrangement can be achieved. The wires from tail light and headlight can be routed along the insides of bike frame so that they're not visible. Your results should appear better than the ones seen in our photos! A few photos of this actual 12 Volt LED lighting system can be seen below.

The oil stain (dark spot) on the street is about 40 feet away. This 12 volt LED leadlight/tail light combination is great for reliable night time lighting on long trips and dark alleys!

The 12 Volt LED headlight brilliance will hardly go un-noticed by other drivers. This should be angled slightly downward so as not to interfere with oncoming traffic. The 12 volt tail light will also be very noticeable to rear approaching traffic.

If you want the very best of efficiency in motorized bicycle lighting then the 12 Volt LED System will give you the satisfaction of quality safety you can be happy with. NOTE: The LED headlight should be aimed slightly downward so it won't intefere with oncoming traffic. This way you are not commited to pay if you change your mind or are unable to complete the process for some reason.

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NEW CUSTOM 12 Volt AC/DC BRIGHT LED Light System For Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds