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COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight

COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight
COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight
COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight
COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight
COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight
COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight
COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight

COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight

6 Volt Mini-Generator With Switch. 12 Volt Mini-Generator With Switch. 6 Volt Mini-Gen for Pull Start Engines. 12 Volt Mini-Gen Max for Pull Start Engines.

Complete 6 Volt Lighting System LS-1. Complete 7.2 Volt Lighting System LS-2. Complete 12 Volt Lighting System LS-3. Encased 6 Volt SLA Battery.

Encased 7.2 Volts AA Battery Pack. Encased 14.4 Volts AA Battery Pack.

6 Volt Mini-Charger For LS-1 and LS-2. 12 Volt Mini-Charger for LS-3. Heavy Duty Tail Light Bracket. New 6 Volt LED Lighting System For Motorized Bicycles.

This is a self sufficient, 6 Volt LED Headlight System. System is designed to work with 2 cycle engine motorized bicycles. The main component is the Mini-Generator which produces AC voltage while engine is running. The other two important components are the Mini-Charger and the 6 Volt encased SLA battery. While engine is running, the Mini-Gen sends current to the Mini-Charger which converts the AC volts to DC volts and charge the battery.

The battery will be charged while riding, and maintain a full charge without overcharging. The complete system includes a Mini-Generator, Mini-Charger, encased 6 volt 1.2Ah SLA battery, light switch, LED Headlight, LED tail light, extra wire and attachments. The Headlight is custom made from polyvinyl chloride material with a high power 5 Watt LED bulb. The Headlight has bubble glass lens and has a frame grounded black wire and a positive green wire.

The Mini-Charger features a 2 inch long black box with built in battery charging circuit. The charging circuit is permanently encapsulated to protect it from moisture & vibration. The green 5MM LED light on Mini-Charger will light up to indicate current flow. This Headlight system is self sufficient and also very energy efficient. Installing the Mini-Generator is simple, and all instructions are included.

Just remove the magneto cover, then remove the two rear screws. The photo seen demonstrates how the Mini-Generator is installed into engine magneto case. The Mini-Generator works off of the residual magnetic force of the spinning magnet when engine runs. This Mini-Generator will produce nominal AC volts of 6 to 8 volts and more, dependig on engine speeds. After Mini-Gen is installed, simply insert wire as seen in photo, making sure it won't get pinched.

Installation and operating instructions are included. After installing Mini-Generator, the Mini-Charger can be attached to bicycle's seat post, and ground wire (black wire with ring terminal) should be grounded to engine (as seen in photo). An easy way to install the ground wire is by using the carburetor intake nut (as seen in photo). Just loose one of the carburetor intake nuts and attach the ground wire ring terminal. The red wire from Mini-Charger should be routed to lower frame and connected to Mini-Generator.

The Mini-Charger has two (2) black wires; one is grounded and the other connects to battery ground. Mini-Charger also has two (2) Red wires; the longer one is for input from Mini-Generator. The other red wire (fused wire) on Mini-Charger connects to battery positive terminal.

The fifth (5th) wire on Mini-Charger is a green wire which connects to light switch. Small strips of black duct tape can be very effective in organizing and also securing these wires. A foot of wire cover (split loom) is included which might help with wire arrangements. NOTE: Images are for demonstration only! Wires will be sorted and tucked away.

Your results will be far better! After the Mini-Charger is installed on seat post and ground wire is connected, the 6 volt SLA battery can now be attached to bicycle seat post opposite the Mini-Charger. The encased 6 Volt SLA Battery may also be attached elsewhere if desired.

Just use the available cable ties and attach encased batery to bicycle seat post or other place. After battery is attached, the positive and negative wires can then be connected to red and black wires of Mini-Charger. Battery will be charged up by Mini-Charger while engine is running.

After connecting Mini-Charger and battery, all wires should be neatly tucked away and secured. It might be a good idea to keep the fused portion accessable. Duct tape can be placed on seat post before installing Mini-Charger and battery pack. This can help prevent items from sliding down due to vibration, also protect frame from scratches. 4.7" X 2.6" X 1.55 inches.

The photos are for demonstration purposes only! Your installation will look much better! This photo illustrates some wires being connected and tucked away.

Also note the top cable tie for battery is placed above the Mini-Charger cable tie. This provides extra support for the battery pack.

Battery case has a 1.2 Ah SLA battery within. The wire cover/split loom is used on a portion of Mini-Charger wire and fastened to frame with duct tape. The red wires for Mini-Gen/Charger connection can be seen connected at lower frame.

The green wire should be positioned upward, and will be later connected to light switch on handle bar. Your setup will look much better because you will arrange these wires to suit your own unique taste!

After all charging and battery circuits are connected, the headlight can now be connected. This photo is for illustration of the light switch and LED headlight. This is a 6 volt LED headlight designed to run on 6 to 7 volts of battery power. Do not use a 12 volt battery with this headlight. This headlight is custom made from polyvinyl chloride (plastic like) material and has a bubble glass lens which adds some safet (you can be notice by drivers at a side angle).

A domed shape glass cover is used and will provide some peripheral vision to side approaching traffic. The short black wire on headlight is grounded to headlight bracket, and longer green wire connects to light switch. The black (ground) wire is grounded directly to metal clamp and positive wire is connected to green wire coming out of light switch. Headlight size is approximately 2.0 inch diameter x 2 inches deep. NOTE: A layer of duct tape can be used to help secure light switch from sliding on handle bar. Cable ties should be trimmed after installation. This photo demonstrates how the connector wires for Mini-Charger and tail light can be routed along upper bicycle frame. The two 30 inch long wires will connect Mini-Charger green positive wire to light switch, and black wire from light switch output to tail light.

The Mini-Charger green wire will remain "hot" (with positive battery voltage) as long as battery is connected. Try not to let the green wire rub on bicycle frame as it could cause the fuse in Mini-Charger to blow. If the 2 amp fuse in Mini-Charger is blown, the green wire will still provide some power from Mini-Gen if bike is running, but may not be equivalent to battery power.

If light does not come on without bike running, fuse might be blown or there's a connection problem. The green LED on Mini-Charger will light when there's current flow from Mini-Generator. The green LED will light even if fuse is blown. A simple method of checking fuse is to turn on the light switch with bike not running. NOTE:The photo is for demonstration only!

Your connections will be neatly tucked away! This photo illustrates how the LED tail light can be installed and connected. The tail light is a 2.5 diameter rugged light with metal base and a beehive type lens.

The tail light should be attached to bicycle rear frame area by using fender attachment screw hole (as seen in photo). An extra length of black 18g wire and connector terminals are provided for tail light installation. Strips of duct tape can be used to fasten wire to bike frame. Wires can be either folded or cut shorter during arrangement.

Strips of tape matching bicycle frame color can also be used for a neater appearance. Wire can also be held in place on inner frames so they're not seen at all. Colorful duct tape are available at most major hardward stores. A few 6 and 8 cable ties are included. The wire connection seen in this photo is for illustration purpose only!

Your results will certainly be better! The photos below shows the actual LED headlight and tail light shining on the street. The black oil mark on the street is approximately 30 feet ahead.

The lights are very energy efficient and will run for hours on a fully charged battery. The LED headlight consist of a high power 3 Watt STAR Type LED bulb. This LED headlight is a warm white light which makes it a similar to a regular halogen or other incandescent light. It will outperform most regular dynamo type 6 volt light bulbs while using a smaller portion of energy. LED bulbs are designed to last for thousands of hours, unlike regular light bulbs which blow out easily because of vibration. LED light bulbs are more efficient than regular light bulbs because they don't waste a lot of energy producing heat. NOTE: This headlight is a sealed unit.

LED bulbs are not casually replaceable like regular bulbs. This way you are not commited to pay if you change your mind or are unable to complete the process for some reason. Some packages might require signature confirmation to prevent fraud.

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COMPLETE 6 Volt LED Lighting System For 2 Cycle Motorized Bicycles LED Headlight